Vegan Pavlova with Praline Cream from New Zealand

Because my sweet tooth knows no bounds, because sugar in all its versatile glory never fails to lure me, because I’m forever on a quest to bake the day away, sometime last year, I indulged in a little project….. The One Sweet World Project. The desire was to usher sweetness that suffuses every corner of this beautiful world. The goal was to learn, immerse and finally, devour. Owing to distractions(delicious ones, I’ll admit), the plan endured a halt. However, perhaps 2018 will see the light of day.

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#Eggless Coconut Raspberry & Pecan Praline Cupcakes

A weekly visit to my favourite baking store or a home decor store or an art store is extremely vital to my mind, body & soul! I don’t necessarily need to empty my pockets or anything….just a walk around the aisles for no rhyme or reason, looking at the prettiness is an R & R for me. This time around, it was at a home decor store & it’s no surprise that I spent a ridiculous amount of time at the baking section.
“Oooooh a ceramic cake-stand in teal…I have to get one of these!.But oh! I just bought one in red…maybe next time! Let me pick up the large cupcake liners in pastel green…what a lovely color!” So I’m walking, I’m walking….”what’s this? A cupcake book!…Hmmm…must be expensive…Nope! 5 $….5$??…Sorry cupcake liners, maybe some other time!” Continue reading “#Eggless Coconut Raspberry & Pecan Praline Cupcakes”