Mexico Part 3-Cancun

It was 6 am in Toronto, a wintry Wednesday morning in late November. The sun was in no mood to pay a visit. The air was frigid. Darkness, gloom and mist prevailed.I frantically searched for my gloves as we  alighted the taxi. I have never fared well in winter. The past few months of getting acclimated to boots, jackets & mufflers constantly reminded me of the respite that summer offers. I yearned for sunlight, warmth & Vitamin D. Continue reading “Mexico Part 3-Cancun”

Mexico Part 2- Fifth Avenue, Playa Del Carmen

There’s nothing I despise about travelling…the exotic cultures, the diverse foods and the beautiful locations. A significant portion of that includes bringing back home a little something, unique to the place, a souvenir that beckons you travel back in time and relive the memories. In this case, an extra baggage full of them!
The Fifth avenue in Playa Del Carmen, à la the renowned one in New York City was about an hour’s ride from our hotel in Cancun, Royalton Riviera. Unlike the one in New York, the Fifth avenue here is a place where one can shop without constraint. The narrow streets teeming with tourists and locals alike are home to myriad number of shops that display the essence of Mexico in their wares. It reminded me so much of a ‘Commercial street’ in Bangalore where I was a pretty frequent visitor. Continue reading “Mexico Part 2- Fifth Avenue, Playa Del Carmen”

Mexico Part 1- CHICHEN ITZA

Before I delve into our week long vacation in sunny, sultry Cancun in Mexico, I think it’s only fair to kick off with where it all began. We shall travel back in time to the Pre-Columbian period & try to immerse in the rich culture & tradition of the Mayans. Continue reading “Mexico Part 1- CHICHEN ITZA”