#Baked Wholewheat Tortilla Chips, Guacamole and Mango salsa

Ola Amigos!
Thanks to Chipotle, we’ve had a faint idea about Mexican cuisine. Be it the rice, tacos, tortilla chips or a burrito, we love it all. Although I’ve been experimenting at home for quite some time, this recipe comes in light of our very recent vacation in Cancun, Mexico. We got to experience Mexican flavours and were thankfully not totally ignorant in the buffet area.
And a week long vacation meant Chips & Guacamole for breakfast, Chips & Guacamole for lunch and Chips & Guacamole for dinner! You would think I got sick and tired of the dish but on the contrary, I wound up liking it more.

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#Pizza Margherita

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
                                     – George Bernard Shaw

I was first introduced to pizza maybe at the age of  nine or ten when my dad would take us to our weekly dinner outing at Sukh Sagar in Bangalore. This restaurant didn’t require us to go inside, the service came to the car! My little brothers and me would always get a medium sized pizza & share. After a few years, Pizza Huts & Pizza Corners cropped up in every corner of Bangalore & most special occasions at home demanded a pizza night, be it a birthday or a simple evening when dad returned home after a week of travel.
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