Nutrition – Blog 1

I’m Divya Rao, currently a student in the Baking Pre-employment Certificate Program at George Brown College. Although I have a background in Dentistry, I have always been immensely passionate about baking, pastry and everything in that family. After many years of distractions and procrastination, I recently decided to chase my dreams. In the future, I hope to gain experience in a restaurant/bakery, work with the stalwarts of this industry and hone my craft.

For a year in 2014, I stayed away from all things sweet and oily. It led to me losing 15 kilos (while still eating healthy, filling meals – all thanks to a dietitian who helped me design a meal plan) which was much needed at that point since my weight was over the limit. If this diet lies at one end of the spectrum, at the other end of the spectrum lies something totally different: I spend every living, breathing moment thinking about the next sweet treat I can whip up and there is absolutely no dearth of butter or sugar in my kitchen. However, at the center of these two extremes, is a significant aspect of Nutrition: BALANCE. I aim constantly to include balance and moderation in our everyday meals. Some days it’s colorful salads that nourish our body and mind and on other days I fire up the oven to bake a wholewheat pizza that does the same. Balance and food that pays equal attention to all macro & micro nutrients is a topic that appeals to me the most.

I definitely believe that Nutrition is playing a huge role in the present day culinary scenario. For starters, there is more exposure to foods that were otherwise restricted to certain parts of the world like for example, protein-rich quinoa. Also, the use wholegrain flour in bread and in fact, the return of traditional methods of baking bread that cater to gut health(sourdough) has become immensely popular. And to top it all, different dietary changes adapted by people like keto, gluten-free and veganism have all forced the culinary industry to adapt to the changing scenario. The industry is making a keen effort to keep up with these changes and I’m sure they are here to stay.

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