Autumnal Musings…

Distraction seems to have got a hold of me & I’m compelled to blame the changing season this time. However, autumn and the glory of colors that entail aren’t just mere distractions. Soothing greens change to glimmering golds and although it doesn’t technically conform to the science of alchemy, they bear with them a promise of euphoria. 

Summer is long gone and with it the burst of sunshine pouring through our diaphanous curtains. I awoke to a grey, gloomy sky and though for some it qualifies a few extra sleep hours, the silvery silky sky and the the soft rain behoove me to indulge in a walk. I don my long gray coat over a thick grey sweater only to realize my sartorial preferences are blending perfectly with my surroundings. Save for the fall foliage, the sky, the facades of historic buildings & the modern skyscrapers with glistening window panes are swathed in shades of grey. Drizzles of rain nonchalantly knock against my umbrella as I circle & navigate around the pathways of Toronto. A crisp breeze and ripples of chills accompany me. Neighboring pedestrians carry sprouted umbrellas and walk briskly while I amble tardily, permitting the rain to soak me. For the moment, Audrey Hepburn croons to Henry Mancini’s ‘Moon River’ on my phone.

A dimly lit cafe beckons me to enter. Luckily I never leave home without a book. I’m soon sipping sweet, honeyed black tea, seated on a high chair, facing a massive glass window on which the rainy water drops have created bizarre patterns. Erin Morgenstern’s, ‘The Night Circus’ absorbs me, only for a bit though. Soon, I’m engrossed in the picture painted outside. Streams of cars buzz across the street. People are wordlessly rushing while a poor, homeless man displays a sign for want of spare change. His furry labrador is snuggled close silently watching the scene in black & white. A man in a turquoise jacket waits under the cafe awning hoping for the rain to stop pitter pattering. A bicycle is parked right out front and it’s saddle, a wet mess. The ground I imagine is gladly welcoming the rain after a parched three summer months. I click many mental pictures before exiting.

The hues of leaves appear darker in the rain, more vibrant, more pronounced. Most make their home on the tree as they gently sway in muffled whispers. The rest are drenched thoroughly but ornately studded over the concrete of the footpath….a beautiful disarray. I make a mental note to capture this in a water colour painting. These are after all, fleeting moments. Evanescent. Soon, barren tree branches will be laced by flurries of snow and the ground, a pristine white spectacle. The crimsons & golds will vanish in the blink of an eye because Mother Nature never falters. Autumn will valiantly bid goodbye and leave us wistfully waiting….


I will be back soon with Italian adventures. Until then, Ciao!


100 thoughts on “Autumnal Musings…

      1. I promise you honey any compliments I give, you have truly earned and I swear Im just in awe one thing after another of what your talents display! 🙂

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  1. The myriad hues of nature so vividly captuted by your eyes and mind and I ciuld feel the elements near to me..the pitter patter and the autumn and summer slowly fading away to make way for the blankets of snow ahead..

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    1. Radhika you’re very kind! Thank you for these wonderful compliments. I’m beyond grateful that you enjoy reading my posts. Means a lot coming from a talent such as you:)
      I do hope to post more often…Maybe a need to discipline myself with a end of the year resolution! 😉

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  2. Your descriptions of autumn skies and rainy weather are almost similar to Malaysian weather now except that we do not have autumn leaves and the temperature is still tropical (though feels a little cooler due to the rain) 🙂 Enjoy fall, Divya coz the Canadian winter will be coming soon, right? Great photos!

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      1. You are right Divya… Nature’s magic? Yes but it’s your compositon.
        I don’t know why but haven’t been seeing your post on my reader even though you’ve been posting regularly.

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      2. Thanks Arv:) Actually I haven’t been seeing your posts to. Guess it’s all a technical glitch because I miss a lot of posts from many blogs that I follow! Thank you for stopping by:) That way I got to read your Jaipur articles 🙂 But I will regularly follow up…

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      3. I guess I’ll have to ensure that I remove some blogs which I haven’t been enjoying as they tend clutter the reader timeline and ensure I don’t miss good posts and bloggers. 🙂

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  3. Lovely pictures and flawless description of the season….:-) You are right, Mother Nature never falters…she is perfect, always…

    “I don my long gray coat over a thick grey sweater only to realize my sartorial preferences are blending perfectly with my surroundings.” – loved the line. It reminded me of the opening lines of O’Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi”

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  4. I fear I´m quite too late to add my tiny voice to this wonderful chorus of praise, but I need to say it anyway: you are one amazing writer, dear Divya!!! Your words are like true magic and you´ve created this whole scenario in my head like if I were sitting right beside you 🙂 You have so many wonderful talents and I´m thrilled each time I discover a new one! Can´t wait to see those water color paintings! 😉 Wish you a very lovely day, a wonderful week, and if you celebrate it a Happy Thanksgiving, dear! Hugs&Kisses! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. You’re not late at all my dear Sarah but you are a very wonderful person. Thank you so much for these kind words… I’m humbled and beyond grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read.. your appreciation means a lot!
      I’m working on the watercolour:) Happy Thanksgiving and have a great week ahead
      Hugs 🙂

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      1. Aww – you´re so welcome, lovely Divya! You´ve got such an awesome talent, and I´m so glad to have met you here on WordPress and be inspired by it! You always make my day and make me smile 🙂
        Really looking forward to that water-color! I´m sure it will be just beautiful! (as are you 😉 lovely new avatar by the way!) Wish you a wonderful weekend, my friend! Hugs&Kisses! 🙂

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      2. Ok, there are no real words for what I feel now, so I´ll just describe it as best as I can: imagine me jumping happily up and down like a child, laughing and singing with joy! 😀
        Wish you an amazing week, dear Divya! Hugs&Kisses! xxxxx ❤

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