Oops! I stained the Coffee Table!

You know how little kids bursting with an overzealous creative effulgence wind up drawing the most haphazard but one-of-a-kind designs making for the most adorable wall art,  sometimes capable of even putting a Picasso to shame.Well,  I’m no child but admittedly ridden with a perpetual itch to create, to slather empty spaces with paints & splotches, to suffuse the blank with prints and finally to render to that my very own signature.Long story short, I’m on a relentless hunt for a Blank Canvas. To help make this all a reality, I’m blessed with a husband who may not know his way around a brush or pencil but whose mind is a store of ideas and is guilty of many, many light bulb moments.  Like when a sober looking ivory wall in our Bangalore bedroom constantly tickled the right side of my brain: The following weekend, we painted the wall a nice light sap green and framed an old, frayed, gold & ivory satin cloth to make for wall decor. And Voila! Life turned a tad greener, fresher & so much better.
Now that you get the picture, let’s move on to the chief protagonists of this article.
Back when we were in Jersey City (if only I had a dollar for every time I used this phrase!), we had just moved into our studio and were on a constant lookout for inexpensive furniture. An apartment above ours turned into our very own flea market, replete with abandoned tables, shelves & cupboards. We drank in the treasure but a 30″ coffee table became the object of interest to the both of us and the same evening, it had our name on it! The table seemed rather antique, with a rosewood like finish which was polished off in a jiffy after a visit to Home Depot. What grabbed my attention though was the spotless glass top, enormous, hefty, mundane and most importantly, Empty……
The next couple of weeks, I donned my messy apron and austerely immersed myself in a tunnel of colors, hoping to make it my own. Nothing beautifies glass like imitation Stained Glass Painting and after a round of thick outlining, I have to admit, painting it was a breeze. I wound up using a ton of crimson to keep in tandem with the The Wall of Warli & our red ottomans. Here’s the outcome, the table which inevitably became a part of many date nights, got a taste of all my experiments from the kitchen, that selflessly lent itself for my crafty projects which also meant tolerating sticky glue stains , held freshly baked birthday cakes with candles and became a significant part of that home.
IMG_0395 - CopyIMG_0465IMG_0468

Onto the next part of the story. The other protagonist. For obvious reasons, we couldn’t carry this 80 pound glass top back to Bangalore and saw ourselves yearning for another center table that permitted tea spills, provided a temporary home for my books, friend-ed & accommodated the extra set of my students and for those rare meal times when we were tempted to stretch our legs & indulge in a nail biting televison series. The long and short of it, every home deserves a coffee table, so did this one.
Glass switched with wood & paper this time and weeks of intense imitation Minakari Painting, transpired in this.(The original Minakari Painting is a gift from the very talented artisans of Rajasthan and can be seen adorning palaces.The one you see below is just a imitation and made using fevicryl products). The copper bronze finish was implemented in order to compliment the brown beige cushions & carpet. I jazzed up these earthy tones with some hot pink & yellow, in other words, the perks of unshackled creative freedom. (Once the painting was complete, a very kind person who specializes in framing paintings did the needful aka framed it, fixed the additional wooden logs for legs and fitted it with an appropriate sized glasstop.)

(Please ignore the red mat below)
After a two year stint in Bangalore, it was time to move again although this time the table made it’s way, flying 9000 miles, to Canada. The husband has now cleverly transformed my work of art into a little high top dining table.
But, this home still lacks a coffee table and my brain is on overdrive…..

I do hope you liked this one!

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34 thoughts on “Oops! I stained the Coffee Table!

  1. How wonderful! I cannot believe you made both of these–the time and creative energy must’ve been huge but so worth it! I’m awfully glad the second table is still with you–it’s hard to work on something and then let it go. I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for reading & all the appreciation Kerry😊 you’re too kind:)
      Oh yes! So glad we got it , mostly because of its light weight…
      I’m curious to see what I come up with next too😉


  2. loved them both Divya and your beautiful writing too…. this way its worth staining all coffee tables! You just gave me ideas for coffee table …. I love changing my wall paintings now and then and may be we can make coffee tables with changeable tops too? so we can keep altering the paintings inside? To fill our home with products of our own…. it feels so pleasingly good and hats off to you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WoW! This is sooo beautiful! Your talents really are innumerable! You´ve an amazing eye when it comes to details and a true artist´s stubborness to get it all done no matter how long it takes! 🙂 I could never put my coffe mug on one of your wonderful coffee tables ´cause it would mean obstructing the view on such a brilliant piece of art!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You´re very welcome, Divya! And believe me, it´s not generosity at all but stating a mere matter of fact! 🙂 You´re such a gifted and talented artist, it´s a real joy to see what you create! Keep doing it – it will always make you happy and us who we are allowed to see it! Hugs! xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved this one. The glass top with roses is simply amazing and to simply imitate Minakari painting, you must be some artist. Keep it up, Divya and keep them coming. Do let us know what you have done with your new home, it will be an inspiration for many of us.


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