When age is just a number….

Before I begin, the two beautiful people/students of mine,  who are the inspiration behind this post, are the loveliest ladies with chubby little grandchildren to boast of. (and thanks to technology we still keep in touch) .
Now, let me a paint the background. Back in Bangalore I was busy running & managing a little art/craft school . Working from the comforts of home, it was more than just something done to pass the time. The passion for art combined with the satisfaction of teaching made the experience incredibly satiating & divine. Every morning & evening, I delightfully welcomed students of all ages, introduced them to my world  ( a possible topic for another post), invariably putting a smile on their faces. Some were kind enough to let me be a part of their lives and we went on to become friends, relationships I will cherish for life. Every moment, a coveted privilege.

Two among this family,  that remain to be special are Uma aunty & Lakshmi aunty (I call them “aunty” out of respect, them being around my mom’s age) and I unapologetically call them my favorite students. As you read further, you’ll see yourself agreeing with me.

When I first met them, hardly did I know that these two friends would gain the honour of becoming the “back-benchers” of my little classroom. Since they catered to a multitude of responsibilities at home, it almost always ensued a late arrival to class but the loud burst of energy they brought with them was infectious at the least. Always attired elegantly in the crispest of cotton saris painted in an array of pleasing colors & prints, it would be a matter of moments before peals of laughter reverberated through the walls of my living room. Rare lackadaisical mornings merely expected their presence in order to be uplifted. They beckoned us to look beyond that room, beyond art, beyond craft, beyond the paper & paint because “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and if not for them, I probably would have been ignorant of that lesson. Their affable nature was undoubtedly popular among adults but I always thought it’s their experience that procured them the very prized attention of the little children.
Having said that, none of this hindered their progress in class. Be it paper art or painting, they were pros and constantly brimming with creativity(take a look at the pictures below). They were always battle ready to learn new forms of art, a thirst I failed to spot in the hearts of most of the younger generation. Maybe it’s because we delve in the turmoils of uncertainty and prefer to procrastinate,  that we neglect the “present” that is so gloriously offered to us. Lesson learnt.
I won’t deny that I taught them the ways of the paper strips & the brush but the truth is I learnt more from them than they did from me. I learnt that age is just a number, I learnt that being happy or making someone else happy is hardly dependent on the pitfalls of life. Although they are much older than I am,( and not that I expected it), they showered me with the respect they would offer a teacher.To be honest, it spoke more of their humility rather than anything about me. Another lesson learnt.
But, before I conclude, the one thing I am certain I will never learn from them is the magic they pour into their spicy, flavour jammed Indian Mango pickles & the myriad of chutneys, for some things can  never be replicated…..

Here’s  glimpse of their creative journey…..
When age.jpg

25 thoughts on “When age is just a number….

  1. Oh what lovely pieces of art! I laughed when I read ‘backbenchers’ – same expression my mother used when she described her friends having a lot of fun at the back of a tour bus! And I can imagine how beautiful the aunties’ sarees – I have seen Indian women wearing the crispest cotton sarees, so vibrant with colours and print – they look very elegant.


      1. No, haven’t worn a sari before, even though I have been to India multiple times! I’m always afraid it will unravel on its own, knowing my clumsy ways hahaha..I prefer to wear a salwar kameez or anarkali. Maybe one day I shall try a sari 🙂

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  2. Age is just a number and we realize it more as we age more! Loved reading from the start to the finish. There is something breezy about the way you write – it touches me soft as a breeze and ‘m loving the feel of it! Some can actually make the moments light – they find happiness in everything and they scatter it liberally everywhere – I do find it here!

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  3. Divya, the pleasure was all mine – your writing made me feel like a butterfly – it may be the vibes, the writing style, the topic, the essence – whatever it is – loving it and my journey seems smooth, light and pleasant!

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  4. Oh that is such a lovely write up, certainly inspiring and saying loud and clear that there is no age to learn anything new 🙂 And i appreciate your beautiful artwork Divya. This is incredible. I am an art and craft lover myself. Do follow my blog for posts that would interest you 🙂 Happy to connect with you.

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  5. This is a treasure trove of talent that seems effervescent and vivacious. A fluid writing style that truly mesmerizes your readers and takes them to another level…Your brilliant narration made me to visualize the back bencher aunties in crisp cotton saris painting the class red!!! I have also realized that it is never too late to become a student:)
    DD…this may interest you not that i am self promoting or marketing my posts..https://adsunsri.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/smilestones/
    Please read when time permits from your multi tasking activities (of which I am woefully jealous of!)

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    1. First off,I’m going to treasure this comment!..It means a lot coming from you…You’re too kind and I’m truly humbled.
      Funny how boredom can creatively tickle the brain isn’t it? I say that because I owe this blog to Boredom 😉

      Secondly, even if you’re not, you should be promoting your articles!! They are like a soft breeze in the scorching heat of summer…I will definitely check this out 🙂


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