Highline Park, New York City

New York City is not just a place, it qualifies to be a phenomenon. One visit and one can’t help but fall in love….And with that, I once again begin my NYC Series in the blog. (“Once again” because the Toronto winters had prompted me to long for the the Cherry Blossom in Brooklyn.)
The glitz & glamour of Times Square, the romance of the Empire State Building & the magnanimity & allure of Central Park can wait because this post is about a less spoken, much needed,  interesting asset to the city, The Highline/The Highline Park. The Highline in the West Side of Manhattan is a 1.45 mile linear park, 30 feet above street level & WAS in fact a railway line. The railway line has been entirely transformed into a public park since 2009, replete with benches, prolific greens & flowers, live music & the primary requisite of all parks, an ice cream shop to aid in dousing the summer heat! Although the park is owned by New York City, it is operated & maintained by Friends of the Highline, who are in fact responsible for protecting the line from demolition.
It’s my own fault our visit was postponed to the summer of July, 2012, a couple of months before we bid goodbye to the United States. New York City was a mere five miles from our home of 2 years(Jersey City), a short train ride away and yet every time the husband suggested the Highline, I insisted in reveling in the Saturday night glimmer of Times Square or gorging on mini cupcakes at Baked By Melissa on 38th or indulging in slice after slice of Margherita at Pronto’s on 41st. When we did visit with a couple of other friends, all I could do was smile sheepishly at his “I told you so”!
The park is a jewel in the summertime with blooms of Parker’s variety fernleaf yarrows, magnolias, violets & the greens of course are bounteous in every shade known to man. This park is not only a suggestion of the goodwill of the people of New York but an indispensable treasure to the concrete jungle…Here are some pictures…


View from the Urban Theatre


New York City would fail to be New York City without the little quirks!
Left: “David” in a onesie…I wonder what Michelangelo might have said to this! ,
Top Right: Grafitti,
Bottom Right:Enough said!
Highline, NYC.jpg

22 thoughts on “Highline Park, New York City

    1. Oooh that’ll be nice Anupriya! Please don’t miss the pizza at Pronto’s:)…it’s very close to Times Square….
      Haha yes Sex & the City is the perfect validation for that statement!


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