Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”
– William Wordsworth

Bruce Peninsula is a close drive from Toronto (around 3 hours) and a good one at that! Let me explain why….Flanked on either side of the road are acres of delicate yellow spring flowers basking in the sun, almost like a can of yellow paint was spilled onto earth, in long strips and then given life to form blooms. William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’ is almost apt!
“I wandered lonely as a cloud, 
That floats on high o’er vales and hills, 
When all at once I saw a crowd,. 
A host of golden daffodils”

But of course, I’ve stated before, I come from the land of Bollywood where dancing around trees is a norm. I couldn’t help but give in to memories of SRK & Kajol romancing in yellow mustard fields in DDLJ! Take a look…


Bruce Peninsula, lying between the Georgian bay & Lake Huron is home to a number of parks. We visited a few: Little/Ansel Cove, Tobermory & the Flower Pot Island.

Little Cove or Ansel Cove lies a short distance before the Bruce Peninsula National Park and is an ideal place to spread out the picnic rug. But we weren’t in the mood to dole out a basket of picnic goodies so we stretched our legs on the chalky white pebbles & stared into oblivion as the turquoise waters of Lake Huron sparkled and the pebbles glistened underneath. Innumerable emerald green conifers erupt from the ground below and I was made to realise Nature’s palette can be nothing but picture perfect. IMG_0562IMG_0634

We drove a little further up and & landed at the Bruce Peninsula National Park. A good July summer day meant never ending columns of cars waiting to park & that didn’t help with the excitement for sure.A 40 minute hike along the Cypress Lake Trail, with the nonchalant waters on one side & tall trees shadowing bright sunshine on the other was worth it for reasons more than one.The ground below was dappled with dried leaves & infiltrated by long roots of the trees appearing to go berserk, like a scene out of Robin William’s Jumanji. It was a quest, like an little expedition or a treasure hunt that would finally  lead us to the view of the Grotto which trust me, made gems & stones seem far less precious. The Grotto or the cave is carved out of the Niagara Escarpment and surrounded by pristine waters of the Georgian Bay inturn necklaced by soft rocks. For more info, go here .Bruce Peninsula2.jpgBruce Peninsula

Next stop, Tobermory a charming little town. Situated at the tip of the peninsula it’s an idyllic place with little breakfast cafe’s, ice cream parlors & tons of flowers whose mere presence screams of summer, sunshine & happiness.
Although, what this town is rightly famous for are the shipwrecks that lie underneath the shallow waters. A cruise to the nearby Flower Pot Island provides the perfect way to explore them from atop without having to dive into the waters. Each of these shipwrecks obviously echo a significant history and to read more about it, click here.
Bruce Peninsula1
Bruce Peninsula2.jpg
Flower Pot Island is about a 20- 30 minute ride via a cruise and it’s also part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park. A short hike after disembarking the cruise took us the acclaimed flower pots. The “flower pots” are formed by the remnants of hard sea stacks, after the softer rock has been eroded away. The shrubs & little trees that grow on them give them a perfect definition of a flower pot. We soaked our feet in the shallow waters & hoped these flower pots live long…there used to be a third flower pot that tumbled in 1903.
Bruce Peninsula2.jpg
The area in & around Bruce Peninsula is without doubt a place to immerse in the wonders of nature & imbibe it’s beauty. O Canada! Thank you for a special summer!


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