Sir Henry Pellatt, a business visionary & philanthropist from Ontario, Canada, began the construction of a dream home, CASA LOMA (Spanish for Hill House),  in midtown Toronto in 1911. Years later, it would become a famous landmark with a ticket counter guarding the entrance and a grey stone monument that countless tourists would check off from a “must see” list.
Reeling back into history, the camelot built for 3.5 million dollars, took 3 years of labor and was ornamented with artwork from around the world. Tall ceilings, oak floorings,mahogany & walnut walls, glorious chandeliers, rooms painted with wedgewood blue, a wine cellar in the basement and a pre requisite for any castle: secret passages….they’re all there and more. 

What we noticed distictively, in our hour’s length tour was a balance of the past & the present. The past has been borrowed and made to stand proudly amidst modern day designs and conveniences. After a round of admiration of the stain glass & prized paintings, a glimpse of the outdoors showed a bride & her bridesmaids posing with white lilies. The surrounding surreal gardens, sparkling fountains & sculptures have parlayed into a wedding photographer’s dream owing to their perfect setting, although that didn’t stop us from taking a couple of pictures ourselves.
We’ll never know if Lady Luck decided to turn her back or Murphy’s Law came into effect, but a series of events led to auctioning of Sir & Lady Pellatt’s treasured possessions & furthermore, an exit from the mansion. But, the sounds of song & dance still linger in the halls of this historic landmark, sparking not just curiosity about a bygone era but a sense of awe as well.
“If you have to understand today, you have to search yesterday.”
-Pearl Buck
The pictures speak better…
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One thought on “CASA LOMA

  1. oh my goodness honey this place is amazing! what great photos you take! I loved it all and reading the history of such a beautiful place always makes me glad! XO!


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