#Brush Embroidery & Lace decorated Blondies

“Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
-Julia Child
Don’t get me wrong, I adore cupcakes but now that I’m experimenting with fondant & cake decor,  I’m also on the lookout for some other shapes to work on. So what do you get? Blondies! My brownie pan comes to the rescue so I could bake little cardamom infused blondie cakes, topped with pastel coloured fondant. Cardamom you ask? Yes! But that’s a story for another post because this one’s all about pretty little boxes of cake adorned with lace & brush embroidery.
Once, I baked the blondies, I cut out 2 x 2 inch fondant squares and pasted them on top of the cakes to serve as a canvas for the buttercream art that transpired. The inspiration comes from 2 places, Wilton of course & the humble Pinterest as well. I do hope you like these cuties and yes, they vanished in no time!
I would love to hear your views on this creation and please do tell me which one you liked most!

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