” And forget not that earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
– Kahlil Gibran
As I sat in the car by the husband’s side , I could hear faint chatters from the boys, him & the little brother…faint because my mind was occupied reminiscing a previous journey to Kerala. It was a long time ago, back when I was a little child and despite my best efforts, I could only put together smithereens of a simpler past. I remember we visited Cochin and stayed at a friend’s place, I remember not being able to sleep all night and the “aunty” telling me to close my eyes & count sheep ( which was a completely new concept to me), I remember the vast tea estates and what I remember vividly is our mode of transport, an Ambassador car. These were popular at the time especially for trips like these for reasons I’m not sure but it’s massive roundish shape & tinted glasses sure made it impossible to forget if not cherish. The vacation was a necessity for my parents more than us,( at that time just me & my first brother) since my dad was frequently travelling & my mom did the other kind of travelling…running behind her two children.
This time however, the husband & me sullen with the monotony of a city life decided it was time for a getaway, whatever the duration. Sometimes, the quickest decisions culminate in the best times and that’s just what happened…For a minute I was planning a busy Saturday class for my students and the next minute I was packing bags !
A friend had given us excellent reviews about the VYTHIRI resort in Wayanad a couple of years back and this time naturally, being an adult & coveting sleep more than anything else, I wanted memories that involved more than just the little things.For seven hours, my mind was permeated with a longing for lush greenery, ice teas & long naps. It was 3 pm when we finally got there and presumably, food was on our mind. Vythiri did not disappoint and we were treated to a tasty vegetarian spread which we demolished in no time. Of course, a favourite was the ‘Parippu Payasam’ which means a kheer/pudding made with lentils and now that I was reminded of this, I think my kitchen is open for some experiment this weekend!  Spotting an empty pool after a laborious lunch means lazing in the pool which we did for many hours before an enthralling fire show and a delicious dinner.
Despite the razzle dazzle of the city, the boisterous restaurants & the sleek amenities, sometimes all we yearn for is peace, quiet, a good satisfying meal, a light conversation, long walks and a chance to appreciate nature. It’s definitely an essential in today’s times in order that we can return with new vigour. Vythiri provided this all & more! The bridge that led to a little waterfall, the colourful blooms adorning paths meant for sauntering & relaxing bike rides, breakfasts comprising neverending servings of Appam ( a crepe made with rice flour), endless hours in the pool and spa if you prefer….this place proved to be a blessing and a much needed therapy session!
If you happened to be pampered much more than you’re used to, then  adventure awaits in the form of Ziplining which the three of us did. We were all rookies and it was a fun, exciting activity!
I’m going to stop my blabbering and indulge you in some pictures that will hopefully give you a glimpse of what we experienced.

The bridge leading up to the waterfall


A empty pool, where we spend many hours lazing…


My little-est brother(there’s one more in the middle)


You can’t miss the appams!
The very enthralling fire show

Vythri is about a 6-7 hour drive from Bangalore depending on road conditions. You will pass through the Nagarhole Forest and if you’re lucky you can spot a few animals. We just happened to find this!


  1. These short – Friday to Sunday tours- i always held in my view much in disdain because i graded quality keeping time as the common standard – had surprisingly set a serene quiet on a mind that had been set in an endless motion of thought. A much needed interlude in the constancy of what divya so correctly calls CITY LIFE.

    Travel is tiring – more so for Deepak – Divya i suppose was still a learner and i hadn’t the least interest to learn to drive. A sadness of being pushed out and back into the farce of reality tends to make the return journey all the more tiresome.

    That apart , it was through those few days , i learnt and something i more earnestly follow , to grade quality on the people i spend time with.

    A certain thanks to two people – Deepak and Divya – for without them in Waynad , those few days would have been anything but fun.


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