Spring!- Quillography

The anticipation for spring grows as I see a grey and white landscape outside my window. As much as I find peace in looking at the frozen lake & snow laden trees which make the words “winter wonderland” a reality,  the mind can’t help but yearn for a little sunshine and a little colour. The Weather Gods obviously will have it their way and I’m going to be made to wait a tad longer but this creation, for me,  is much like a trailer, a preview of the beauty I hope to encounter this spring.

What better way I thought, to experience the magic of colour than to put it on paper or in my case, with paper. Quilled strips in one of my all time favourite, violet makes it’s appearance with a half-wreath of flowers in shades of purple & dark pink.
I’ve kept the quillography to a minimal this time (and that’s a first for me) owing to the 15 flowers, 30 leaves and 6 scrolls on top of it.little bit of watercolour to spruce it all up. I do hope you like this creation of mine and I would love me a feedback…Thanks!

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