Sir Henry Pellatt, a business visionary & philanthropist from Ontario, Canada, began the construction of a dream home, CASA LOMA (Spanish for Hill House),  in midtown Toronto in 1911. Years later, it would become a famous landmark with a ticket counter guarding the entrance and a grey stone monument that countless tourists would check off from a “must see” list.
Reeling back into history, the camelot built for 3.5 million dollars, took 3 years of labor and was ornamented with artwork from around the world. Tall ceilings, oak floorings,mahogany & walnut walls, glorious chandeliers, rooms painted with wedgewood blue, a wine cellar in the basement and a pre requisite for any castle: secret passages….they’re all there and more.  Continue reading “CASA LOMA”

#Baby Carrot Salad

My love for salads has led me to experiment on the myriad options that avail themselves in the store aisles. Rocket leaves or lettuce or spinach? Berry dressing or a simple lemon one? Walnuts, almonds or pecans for that extra crunch? I’m like a hyperactive child when it comes to salad shopping! Like I mentioned, my love for salads began fairly recently when I decided to explore the world of healthy eating. Not that I don’t indulge in high calorie foods ( take a look at my recipe index for proof!) but I’ve also begun to seriously indulge in healthy options. Another realisation that came to light was that salad making & eating is far from boring. It’s so much more than torn lettuce leaves & tomato slices topped with spoonfuls of mayonnaise. Continue reading “#Baby Carrot Salad”


Amidst river banks, wilderness & light drizzles, we rang in the husband’s 30th, back in 2013. Nothing like a birthday falling on a weekend, nothing like a road trip to celebrate and nothing like an indulgence like The Serai.
A five hour drive from home( Bangalore) which included stopping at Kadambam for breakfast( if you ever happen to be on the Bangalore – Mysore highway & have a soft corner for South Indian food, don’t miss this place!), we were finally at The Serai, Kabini just in time for check in. There’s a minor possibility of finding yourself blankly gazing at the silent waters & the lush greens without a care in the world. Of course, if you’ve gone through some of my other posts, you know how I love escaping the city life into a quieter world, even if it’s for the shortest time (this time it was a one night stay). Continue reading “THE SERAI, KABINI”


Amidst cakes, candles, balloons & an untuned rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to you’ by aunties & uncles, the true star of the show was a delicacy close to my heart, bisibelebath. I travel back many years to a simpler time as I remember going to my cousins birthdays and we were served many helpings of this dish compulsorily glorified with oodles of ghee( clarified butter) and a side of crispy, spicy potato chips. My maternal aunt, who learnt this from her sister in law taught me to make it from scratch and since then, a lot of occasions, festivities & simple rainy Sundays even, have been made memorable. Standing first among the traditional dishes of Karnataka, there are obviously several versions and cheats that make the rounds. I swear by this recipe because it promises authenticity by imparting a perfect balance between the spicy, the sweet & the tangy.
If you can spare time & a little patience, I urge you to try this recipe. Not because it’s in the blog, not because it’s a family treasure but mainly because it’s a glimpse into the world of traditional Bangalorean cuisine. Continue reading “#Bisibelebath”


“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”
-Mae West


“Some days are meant to be counted, some days are meant to be weighed.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert
Admittedly, my affair with the cheesecake has been rocky. The explanation is simple- Back when we were in NYC, I devoured slice after slice every so often that slowly I couldn’t help but drift away. Let me clarify, that didn’t stop me from baking them in my kitchen….the husband, the brothers & the students were duly pampered and rightfully indulged. It’s been a while now and after a prolonged break, I’m more than ready to begin my journey for the second time, with this decadent Chocolate Cheesecake. Continue reading “#CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE – Eggless”

#Brush Embroidery & Lace decorated Blondies

“Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
-Julia Child
Don’t get me wrong, I adore cupcakes but now that I’m experimenting with fondant & cake decor,  I’m also on the lookout for some other shapes to work on. So what do you get? Blondies! My brownie pan comes to the rescue so I could bake little cardamom infused blondie cakes, topped with pastel coloured fondant. Cardamom you ask? Yes! But that’s a story for another post because this one’s all about pretty little boxes of cake adorned with lace & brush embroidery.
Once, I baked the blondies, I cut out 2 x 2 inch fondant squares and pasted them on top of the cakes to serve as a canvas for the buttercream art that transpired. The inspiration comes from 2 places, Wilton of course & the humble Pinterest as well. I do hope you like these cuties and yes, they vanished in no time!
I would love to hear your views on this creation and please do tell me which one you liked most! Continue reading “#Brush Embroidery & Lace decorated Blondies”


A vacation of many firsts- the first time I set foot on a plane, the first time I drenched my feet in the waters of the sea, the first time I got a whiff of the fragrant orchids, the first time I took a vacation with the husband. Yes, this is where we honeymooned but even if you’re not honeymooning, Sri Lanka offers more than a handful of reasons to gather coveted memories. If I’m being honest, at that point in time I wasn’t sure what to expect and admittedly, the last thing on my mind, what with all the wedding hoopla & everything but, I was blown away. All credits to the husband because he had it all chalked out so perfectly.Here’s a succinct version of our 6 day holiday…. Continue reading “SRI LANKA”