Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Cherry Blossom

As the sights of dirt & stain laden slosh & snow vanished, it marked the emergence of an idyllic period replete with sunshine & colour. The harbingers of spring: pansies in yellow & purple, turquoise tinted clusters of hydrangeas, bunches of azaleas & blooming tulips displayed the magic of changing seasons.

While a slow walk in Newport, Jersey City in these times is spirit lifting enough, we decided to explore the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, a short train ride away. It was a nice, happy day in the April of 2011,  with a mild sun & a soft breeze. These are days when you want to self soothe in the company of nature as no spa or massage can render the relaxation the former provides. We were welcomed by vines of wisteria in shades of lavender & purple and as my husband captured it’s beauty in a frame, I began to fall in love with a new colour. I had never really cared for lavender but then again, I had never set my eyes on wisteria or lilacs even for that matter.

Apparently this was just a trailer in comparison to what we were about to experience. A vision in pink and a ground drenched in petals. Almost like the first snow…soft, silky but in the most pure of pinks. It was the Cherry Blossom festival. The Sakura trees were a gift of friendship from Japan to the United States in 1912. To the Japanese these flowers represent the fragility of life, a transient yet a beautiful one, for the delicate flowers of the cherry blossom, bloom for a very short period (maybe a week or two) and soon the petals are falling out.
The scene as we stood at the corner of a massive green lawn:  A long vertical path, lined on either side by Sakura trees brimming with bunches of flowers in a pale rose pink. A light , cool breeze ensues some petals falling on the already petaled path and suffuses the air with a sweet fragrance. Couples are cuddling under the shade & little children are running excitedly amidst the trees. I, decided to make the most of it by taking a nap as the blossoms kissed my face….a veritable feast for the soul.

“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug. ”
-Helen Keller

IMG_4557 IMG_8186


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