Life is Beautiful!

” Think of all the beauty left around you and be happy.”
– Anne Frank

Be it the ochre and golden coloured leaves of the fall or the delicate petals of the sakura tree in spring, life is beautiful.
Be it the the snow laden rooftops of winter or the sun cheerfully blazing in the summer, life is beautiful.
Blooming clusters of hydrangeas are beautiful. Barren trees are beautiful too.
Sunsets, sunrise, emerald green mountains, pristine blue waters & pebbled beaches…the myriad miracles of nature make life beautiful.

But,there’s beauty in the little things too…
A mother cooking lovingly for her child,
An elderly couple holding hands as they walk,
Outside my window I see puppies & dogs with their little faces pressed against the glass & eagerly waiting for their owner to get back from Starbucks. The joy & love they shower when the lucky owner is back with a coffee is beautiful even to the onlooker,
A smile from a stranger is beautiful, be it at a grocery store or someone you bumped into in the train…
A mug of hot chocolate can pep you up in a jiffy,
A long chat with a friend can make life beautiful as can a few minutes of silent meditation…
A nice warm bubble bath with a book in hand can undoubtedly make the day beautiful!

The smallest things can make your day and if you look carefully, there’s beauty everywhere!And not to sound shallow, but I think my Kate Spade planner is so beautiful & I can’t wait to start using it! I love staying organized with my endless lists & notepads & boxes and this was just what I needed!

Here’s my Quillography…I’ve used fushcia & light sap green and it’s done with 3 mm strips. I do hope you like it!
I would love to hear what made your day beautiful!!

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