“One of the nicest things about life is the way we we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”
-Luciano Pavarotti
Being complete foodies & dessert fanatics, we try to explore the best that we can when we travel. That’s also the only time , I’m injudicious with my calories & indulge nonchalantly. Singapore was no different so here goes…

Assuming vegetarians would have a hard time, we set about the place only to find countless veggie restaurants with delicious food to devour including an Indian restaurant right next to our hotel, Peninsula Excelsior. That was quickly followed by a dessert extravaganza at the Raffles City Mall where we treated ourselves to some scrumptious Matcha dessert & a Passionfruit cupcake. Since Ben & Jerry’s was the prime reason of our visit, it was almost imperative to immediately indulge in a massive scoop of soul satisfying Phish Food. ( read more about it here).
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Back in Manhattan, we had become regulars at Max Brenner’s, a restaurant known for curing notorious dessert cravings, particularly those involving chocolate. When we spotted the same at the Esplanade in Singapore, there was a rush of memories and a surge of happiness! Their Banana Split Waffle is ambrosial at the least…Caramelised bananas, vanilla ice cream, sugar crispies, all topped with a good drizzle of ganache. Droolworthy much??
A restaurant atop the Marina Bay Sands hosted a Chocolate Buffet. You heard that right! I will admit, the prices were a little heavy on the pocket but if you’re indulging, do it right, right? As we gorged on the chocolate,  I pinched myself to check if I landed in the whimsical sets of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! It was a royal experience with more than fifty varieties of devilishly good chocolate desserts including souffles, mousse & a beet-chocolate sorbet!
Little cups of glittery, caramelised, airy chocolate mousse with chocolate draped fruits placed delicately on top, moistened bites of cake with a drizzle of chocolate, crumbly, crunchy petite cookies, the silkiest of puddings, dainty chunks of chocolate with shavings of coconut that look like snow flurries, spoonfuls of white, dark & milk chocolate with sprinkles of nuts, …they had it all…glazed, garnished, perfectly quenelled & made irresistible. Without a doubt, we ate like there was no tomorrow!
Since this was an 8-day vacation, missing home food was part of the deal. Or so we thought! Saravana Bhavan, a South Indian restaurant, catered to our every need in the form of ghee laden Pongal, Idlis, Dosas with a myriad of colourful chutneys & Curd Rice!
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At the buffet in The Grand Copthorne, we got to try some local food like the bean bun & some fried rice but that’s about it but I’m sure Singapore has so much more to offer in terms of local cuisine.
Before I conclude, I have to add, writing this post was a herculean task for me what with all the mouth watering temptation & all! I had to gulp down some hot chocolate just to get through it! 😉
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6 thoughts on “SINGAPORE-4 : Food

  1. I checked out your Singapore 1-4 posts! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m planning a 1 month vacation with my teen daughters to Asia and 3 weeks was island hopping in Phils. and 1 week was either Singapore-Malaysia, HK-Macau or Vietnam but out of those Vietnam’s the only one I haven’t visited. After seeing your post I realized that SIngapore has changed so much since the last time I went. Wow! I’m blown away. Looks like I’m changing my itinerary 🙂



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