#Calla Lilies #gumpaste

A vanilla cake adorned by pristine white Calla Lilies & pretty peach blossoms, sitting on a bed of vibrant green leaves. They’re all the results of me hard at work rustling up flower after flower as I think about how excited I am to enter the grand world of gumpaste & fondant. Undoubtedly, watching episode after episode of ‘Cake Boss’ & ‘Fabulous cakes’ worked it’s magic as I wondered how they conjure up whimsical looking cakes that one has to cringe hard before cutting into. But having Wilton classes so close to home & an awesome teacher can just be the stroke of luck I was after.
Not that I can’t tuck into a plain & simple vanilla cake slathered with cream cheese frosting, but I do hope you like my attempt at giving this one a makeover! Continue reading “#Calla Lilies #gumpaste”

#tbt – Peach Quilled flowers on a Jute background

Time again for some throwback! This Quilled Clock was made by me as an order. First off, I’m a huge fan of arrowhead flowers that are seen in this picture and as you will spot in many of my coming posts as well.
One of the things that I concentrate on when I’m making a flower arrangement such as this is the ratio of flowers to leaves. It’s important to rest the flower on a big bed of leaves in order for the flower to take the spotlight & for the arrangement to look bounteous. Yes, it takes immense patience, a ton of twirling & swirling & gluing & shaping but it’s so worth it!
I love trying different backgrounds & this one is a red, jute one from Itsy Bitsy in Bangalore. To keep some order, I’ve lined the pretty peach petals in red. I do hope you like this creation!

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At the break of dawn on the 4th of June, 2014 we began driving to Pondicherry or Puducherry, a union territory along the east coast of South India. We entered a hot & sultry Tamil Nadu after a 5 hour journey and countless stops asking for directions & embarrassments owing to my Tamil speaking attempts. We finally made it to Le Pondy, a resort boasting of the beach & luxurious cottages. We were a little apprehensive about the weather but the resort looked tempting & I would never deny a French experience, even if it was to be in small measures. Continue reading “LE PONDY – PONDICHERRY”

Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Cherry Blossom

As the sights of dirt & stain laden slosh & snow vanished, it marked the emergence of an idyllic period replete with sunshine & colour. The harbingers of spring: pansies in yellow & purple, turquoise tinted clusters of hydrangeas, bunches of azaleas & blooming tulips displayed the magic of changing seasons. Continue reading “Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Cherry Blossom”


“One of the nicest things about life is the way we we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”
-Luciano Pavarotti
Being complete foodies & dessert fanatics, we try to explore the best that we can when we travel. That’s also the only time , I’m injudicious with my calories & indulge nonchalantly. Singapore was no different so here goes… Continue reading “SINGAPORE-4 : Food”

#Wholegrain Penne with Pesto

My love for pasta goes back a long time…much before we began to have Italian eateries in Bangalore. Relatives from the USA would bring with them packets of whimsically shaped pasta that my mom would lovingly make with an Indian kick, which meant tomato ketchup & Garam masala. It was only when I spent winter days in Jersey locked in front of the television set, hooked on to The Cooking Channel/Food Network that I began learning the basics of Italian cuisine. Slowly, extra virgin olive oil, basil, lasagna sheets & spaghetti made their way from the grocery store to the kitchen. I will admit, coming from an Indian background where spices are the way of life, a dish with some oil, tomato sauce & veggies did seem a little bland but for not for long. Continue reading “#Wholegrain Penne with Pesto”

Winter, Snow, & the New Year

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up so snug, you know with a white quilt, and perhaps it says, ‘Go to sleep darlings, till summer comes again’.”
– Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

This morning, the first day of the new year, I unwillingly opened my eyes from the comfort of sleep,  only to see that Mother Nature had decided to surprise us with a shower of delicate flurries. I was snuggled up in the warmth of my home as I stared at an enchanting scene outside my window. Continue reading “Winter, Snow, & the New Year”