Onto the last leg of our vacation in Singapore…After all the shimmer, shine and being spoilt rotten at the Marina Bay Sands, it was time to indulge in some “childhood therapy” at the Universal Studios. Located in the Sentosa Island, it was about an hour by train from our hotel, The Grand Copthorne. Back when we visited Orlando, Florida in December 2010, since we were pressed for time, we had to make a choice between Hollywood studios and the Island of Adventures (home to the Harry Potter World). Because of obvious reasons, Island of Adventures was priority…I mean, it’s Harry Potter, right? If I’m getting to fly in a beautiful castle, walk into magical dark alleys and take pictures with Beauxbatons, I was not about to pass that up!
So Universal Studios, Singapore it was! It was a day to revel in star studded Hollywood even if it’s just imitation.
In a gist….the morning began with ‘Jurassic Park’ rides and a plunge into the world of ‘Madagascar’.  After a good dose of Gloria, Alex, Marty and Melman, we finally got our hands on some scrumptious New York Pizza that we had been craving for a long time!  We experienced a live fire and water sequence and how can a day in Hollywood come to an end without a groovy disco show. A perfect day even if it was 18 years too late!

A candy tree at Universal Studios

Singapore BlogSingapore Blog1


Gardens by the Bay
” Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom & a little flower.
-Hans Christian Anderson
Singapore’s tropical & dense flora has been rightly showcased in this mesmerizing exhibit as nature & modern art go hand in hand to display flowers, shrubs & herbs in the most elegant of ways.
I was in absolute awe as I stepped into the vicinity, surrounded by magnanimous, man made trees that glimmer in an array of intense hues as the the night sky peeks. Uniquely, they possess a gigantic height but the top blooms out like a flower with spoke-like petals. Just as I wondered if the “real deal” was amiss, a little closer I noticed ferns & shrubs emerging from the fabricated bark just as parasites do, turning them into vertical gardens.
The Garden, primarily divided into two is home to the Flower Dome & the Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome creates a cool-dry environment for the plants & flowers. With orchids, daisies, tulips bursting at the seams, it was a delight and I think I wound up taking pictures with EVERY species of flower they had on display! A summer theme was ongoing with floating hot air balloons in vivid colours and their little baskets brimming with blossoms.

Gardens by the Bay
Orchids galore!

The Cloud Forest is a complete contrast with it’s cool-moist environment for the tropical plants and a roller coaster- like pathway. Also hosts a massive indoor waterfall and a tall mountain covered in lush greenery.
Well, the one thing they do have in common is that they both seem unreal & are ethereally beautiful.

The Lost World exhibit


A beautiful indoor waterfall

The Sentosa Island is a place bustling with activities….they have a Cable car ride, Ziplining, ifly, Sky tower, 4D adventures and they even give you a segway to ride around the place for a bit! We realised that one day would be far too less to enjoy everything they had to offer and unfortunately had to pick & choose a few….Segway was definitely going to be the first!
Come sundown,they have an enthralling & a magical Sound & Light Show called Songs of the Sea. After a tiring day of running around, we finally get to stretch our legs and relax & how! With the beach as a backdrop, the show with song, dance & light is a story about a young boy and his friends.

Boardwalk leading up to Sentosa….It was quite a long walk but we truly enjoyed it


The artist in me is always looking out….these hand cut cards are so impressive
Songs of the Sea

Songs of the SeaSongs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea


Songs of the Sea

National Museum of Singapore – The next day, it was time to soak ourselves in the history of this beautiful land and the National Museum of Singapore was just the place! Here are some pictures –
IMG_3567_ResizedIMG_3586_ResizedIMG_3606_ResizedIMG_3608_ResizedSingapore Blog

The museum is a popular spot for wedding photography and my husband caught this one while the photographers were getting ready!

China Town – Hustling with tourists scampering for souvenirs, the China town is also home to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.While the exterior is designed typical of a Buddhist monastery, the interiors are resplendent in red & gold. A huge statue of the Buddha sits in the centre amidst gerberas and candles. Despite the crowd, I must admit I experienced a few quiet moments of peace. We lit an incense stick for good luck and were on our way to stack up our suitcases with gifts!
We were so immersed in shopping that we missed taking pictures of China town but here are some from the temple…

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

That brings an end to all the attractions & places we visited in Singapore….but I still have to write about the best part…Food! Comin’ up very soon!
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