“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.”
-Lawrence Block
Let me narrate an amusing story about how an innocent love for food turned into dream holiday. Back when we were in the US, we stumbled upon a whimsical land, enchanting and blissful. The doors of Ben & Jerry’s had opened for us to explore the magic of creamy, calorific goodness. I know better than to sound like an ad but all the same, helpless. Phish Food, Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie had clearly made themselves very close to the heart and stomach and Friday nights were never the same.
A few months later, because of reasons related to the husband’s work, we had to return home…India was calling and we had to bid goodbye to the most luscious, rich, indulgent, gooey & velvety ice cream we had pampered ourselves with for a long time.
The lingering trepidation of never having another bowl of chocolatey wholesomeness frightened me. This may sound ridiculous but get your hands on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and read this post again. I promise I’ll begin to make sense. Unyielding to sadness and despair, we decided the best thing to do would be to actually find a Ben & jerry’s in our closest proximity. Well, closest was a 4 hour plane ride…to Singapore. We mulled over it for days before beginning to save up for a trip that would happen 6 months later….and it did.
So yes, we went to Singapore and religiously paid a visit to Ben & Jerry’s every morning, indulged in a big scoop of Phish Food everyday but that’s only a mere fraction of the ‘story’. What began with an absurd yet intense love for an ice cream ended up becoming one the most magical vacations we’ve ever had and this post is about all the things this beautiful country has to offer, other than the Ben & Jerry’s of course!
Singapore is a place that in my opinion a perfect fit for ‘organised chaos’. Little in size but speaks volumes in culture & entertainment.  Busy, yet well planned, impeccably clean & how can I miss, florid. Singapore in a gist! An 8 day vacation meant we had more than enough time to explore attractions & more. So, here’s a list of the places we visited…
Merlion Park
Clark Quay
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
Marina Bay Sands
Gardens by the Bay
Universal Studios
Sentosa Island
Singapore Museum
China Market
I’ll go over our visit to each of these places in the posts that will follow and as always the food experience in Singapore as well. Sayonara until then!

Day 1 (2) (1)
Ben & jerry’s!
Marina Bay Sands
Merlion Park
Flowers Galore
ArtScience Museum


Vibrant building in Hill street
Skyscrapers & a Singapore river cruise

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