“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.”
Never had I seen a blue so beautiful….A tinge of teal, a sparkle of turquoise, a tint of aqua. The blue waters of the ocean pervade the entire vision and they glisten & shimmer as the beaming sun lays his eyes on them. The sands are warm & white with shells & conches strewn around here & there. The majestic sun, the radiant sand & the infinite blue sea in all their splendour give us a glimpse of heaven. Maldives is truly paradise on earth.
The vast Indian ocean is home to 26 coral atolls which are made up of hundreds of islands…this makes up the Maldives, Malè being the capital. We marvelled at pictures & videos but it’s the reality that takes the breath away.
IMG_4187A couple of hour’s flight journey from Bangalore and a 20 minute speedboat ride from the airport at Malè took us to the ‘Paradise Island Resort’ in Lankanfinolhu, our home for the next 5 days. 

When we agreed on Maldives for our winter vacation, my research about the place was minimal  and I expected something conventional which meant the doing the things that follow with most holidays like sightseeing and trying to get around discovering architecture, culture, attractions etc. By no means am I saying that the Republic of Maldives is in lack of the above but with this particular holiday at the island of Lankanfinolhu, all discovery was confined to the marine world since we were encircled by an azure wreath of water. A welcome change indeed!

We happened to spend quite some time doing absolutely “Nothing”. If “nothing” meant soaking up the sun, walking along the beach hand in hand & eating scrumptious food, then well, “nothing” was awesome! It gives the mind an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and the energy to get back into the grind.

The resort has no WIFI except in parts of the hotel lobby. I won’t lie, a part of me wasn’t too thrilled about it but I quickly came around. In the world that we live in today, “social life” is not just about meeting people or having a phone conversation. The virtual world pulls us into it’s bandwagon and we get hooked on to it. When this comes to a sudden halt, I will admit there are some withdrawal symptoms but they don’t last long and we learn to live in the moment & value the present.

Notice the table with sand under the glass top…How innovative!


A little something about the resort itself…. The  entire island houses this one spectacular resort and nothing else. It’s yours for as long as you want it. You’re engulfed by water all around, secluded from the rest of the world & it positively beguiles you into being in a parallel universe.I for one, would have no problem being trapped on an island like this one!!
The resort is extensive with the ocean as a backdrop & several amenities. The decor is in symphony with the sea & sand. The “beach rooms” overlook the sea and the “water bungalows” are in fact built to stand in the sea so we have a part of it to ourselves. All we had to do was jump out of the room & we would be in the mesmerizing shallow waters of Maldives. The food was exquisite, not to forget the huge dining areas. We were treated to cuisines from all parts of the word & everyone was made to feel at home. (the hospitality, food & service were exemplary and I highly recommend this resort).

The step of our water bungalow leading to the sea
A jacuzzi by the edge!


The dining area


The long periods of calm & leisure were interspersed with short intervals of adrenaline pumping activities like Parasailing, Snorkeling, Jet Skiing & more.
Parasailing gave us a stunning view of the ocean below while we floated high in the air!IMG_3727

Atolls are ring shaped coral reefs that surround the island and these coral reefs are home to a myriad number of marine life. Needless to say, snorkelling is a routine here rather than an adventure. We were welcomed into another world & the experience was nothing short of magical.

A glimpse of life underwater


After five days of surreal bliss, it was time to go home and it wasn’t going to be easy. On the plus side, we were charged and ready to face the routine. The night before, as we laid by the sea  on our beach chairs, the weather, balmy & the pleasant breeze grazing against us, it suddenly occurred to me, “It’s been ages since I indolently gazed at the stars & the sky.”
Sometimes we don’t even realise what we’re missing….Thank you Maldives….


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