#pink Buttercream Rosettes

OK! Let’s be honest. There’s nothing I like about pink except the singer of course. She’s awesome!
However, this one afternoon, I had just finished my brisk walk & I have this habit (read “need”) of window shopping in my favourite baking & art stores. Well, mostly window shopping! It’s like meditation, relaxing. So there I was just casually cruising through the baking aisle, admiring the pretty cupcake liners, sprinkles & cookie cutters. The array of colours in the caking section eluded me to pick some up. I already had sky blue, lavender, green, red, peach, yellow. The only hue that I had always avoided was screaming “Take me! Take me!”. I thought ” Why not give it a shot?’. I did & I don’t regret it. These cupcakes turned out pretty looking although I still feel I should have tinted the frosting a little lighter. Oh well!


These luscious buttercream rosettes were made with Wilton tip 35 & you can find the tutorial here . Thank you, Cakes by Lynz!. Do check out her youtube channel for some lovely tutorials like these.
My husband did a fantastic job with his photography skills and I’m in love with these pictures!

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