#hydrangea cupcakes

I have to admit I’m such a “girly girl” when it comes to flowers. I love flowers!All of them! Imagine my excitement when we spent a day at the International Flower show in Philadelphia that showcased the floral varieties in France. France & flowers….you can’t go wrong! The roses, ranunculus & peonies stole my heart.  While we adorn our homes with the pure jasmine & the alluring marigolds back in India, we don’t get to admire the beauty of other exotics. 

My current favourites are the Hydrangeas. It began like this. I was watching a Gossip Girl marathon on Netflix (Yes I watch Gossip Girl & I’m not embarrassed to say it) & Jenny Humphrey says to Blair “These flowers are pretty”. Blair responds with pride, “They are hydrangeas”. Jenny gets some for herself the same episode. I did too! These flowers are pretty and I’m glad not only do I get to have them in my living room but on my cupcakes too!
These pretty little florets were made with a Wilton tip 2D and buttercream tinted with 2 colours, Sky blue & Lavender.

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