GOA Vacance – 1

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit”

“The Goa Chapter”…A reunion with the husband’s friends/friend meant that we(I mean the wives) were entailed to listen to long & hilarious episodes of their bachelor- day holidays in Goa. He’d been there a couple of times and having heard so much about the place and the the fun times there, I think my curiosity was getting the better of me & I was eager to experience Goa. There we were on the 25th of November 2012 and I came to realise, what I had missed all these years. Excited  is an understatement to what I was feeling.It was finally happening & I was more than ready to soak in the sun & go beach hopping considering the umpteen number of beaches there! The weather is perfect too in the winter season…pleasant, breezy and just the right amount of ‘hot’.

However, Goa is more than just sun,sand & sea…there exists something hypnotising about the air, the people & their laidback, friendly attitude that will “call” you over & over again. Unquestionably, addicting. And that’s the reason the my title reads “Goa Vacance-1”. There are sequels to this story because we vacationed again in 2013 & 2015 and those posts will slowly follow this one up. I read somewhere that living in Goa is like a 365 day vacation & I now understand why…..there is no demand or pressure of a busy city life thereby giving you a chance to experience calm & content. If you ask me, it’s the ideal getaway in India, a place to just let go & unwind.
We stayed at Morjim(North Goa) at the Montego Bay Beach Resort. Quaint little cottages just perfect for a couple and the beach for a view.The hammocks held by tall coconut trees, just outside the cabin, are perfect to nap on lazy afternoons…the massive leaves of the tree move pleasingly with the breeze and provide a cover from the blazing sun…..it’s a time to forget the hustle bustle of the city & get some shut eye.
Dusk was reserved for long walks along the beach. The sounds of the pounding waves, the waters kissing our bare feet, the stunning array of colours on the sunset sky….If I could freeze these moments, I would. I’m an ardent lover of the glistening evening sky and I believe, no number of watercolours or canvases could replicate it’s sheer beauty. A line from ‘Stray Birds’ by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore seems apt,
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to the sunset sky.”



Food is not a hassle as the resort has a wide range menu for the entire day. Although, with us being vegetarians, we decided it’s a good idea to find a place that would suit us better aka SITA. Sita is a small restaurant in Anjuna that took care of our food needs like an Adigas/Darshini in Bangalore. If you’re wondering how we got there 2 times a day then you have to know that if you are a licensed two wheeler rider, all you have to do, is ask your resort manager & he will hook you up with a bike of your choice for as long as you need it! Ah! Away from the insanity of traffic, the wind in my hair, we rode our ‘Yamaha’ like we wouldn’t see one again! Good times!




Vasco Da Gama brought the Portuguese to Goa who colonised and ruled here for over 450 years, starting in 1498 but the influence still remains whether it’s the cuisine, culture or the myriad of churches.
Today, Goa is home to not only to Indians & the descendants of the portuguese but countless foreigners from the world over. The warm sun & sand are a welcome contrast to the harsh winters of the west and undoubtedly, the vibe here beguiles you into being in a foreign country.
There are two options for tourists in Goa….you can either sight see and acknowledge the historical background of the place OR do nothing which is as nice. Since I was a first timer, I was curious to explore.
1.Chapora Fort– A short hike on a hillock to the ruins of this ancient fort granted a splendid view of the Vagator Beach & have been captured in many a Bollywood movie!



2.Fort Aguada – Built by the Portugals to defend themselves from the British & Marathas, this historical fort & lighthouse, overlook the waters of the Arabian Sea.




3.Panjim – A drastic change from the small towns & villages of Goa which are dominated by beaches & nature, is Panjim. With a shopping mall here & there, the glimmering “boat” casinos on the waters of the Mandovi River and the abundance of traffic, it screams of city life. It’s also home to the Chapel of Our lady of the Mount.


4.Anjuna Flea Market – The Anjuna Flea Market is a bargain & a window shopper’s paradise replete with clothes & junk jewellery. Aside from that, what struck my attention were the many varieties of tea…Our love story with tea began in Sri Lanka and both my husband & me have become loyal tea drinkers. With our Dilmah pouches long gone & finished, we were pretty thrilled to find not just chocolate, strawberry & mango flavoured tea but so many more! Surely it was time to stack up the tea shelf!
On a side note, as tempted as you are, be warned of the super high, impractical prices that sellers ask for their wares especially to foreign faces…




Well, this trip ends here but little did we know, there’s more to come. Our next journey to Goa was nothing short of an adventure!

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