“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”
As I stretched my legs across the balcony of our cabin,sipping away a Mint Lassi, I couldn’t help but wonder…Will I miss India? The answer was “yes”. She will always be home, even if I’m 10,000 miles away. It was only a few days later we would be off to a foreign land.We have done this before but it was different this time.
20 years were spent fighting with my brother( I have two little brothers & this time it’s the first one, Dee) and then out of the blue, something strange happens….The endless bickering & teasing transforms into a nice, loving, protective relationship. So,when we had to leave the country, my dear husband decided, this calls for one good, relaxing trip, despite the amount of workload that was pending at home and without a second thought, we rode off to The Serai..this time at Bandipur, a place very well known for it’s wildlife. (However, for my brother & me, Bandipur means childhood trips in the summer with our uncle & parents and sleeping in the forest lodges, listening to sounds of nature & the wildlife.) Its not too far ( about a 5 hour drive from Bangalore) & since we had been to their other resort at Kabini, we’d sort of know what to expect….
At the risk of sounding a little cliched, I have to say that this place really is luxury in the lap of nature. Roomy cabins decked by creepers brimming with bougainvillea and interiors tinted with dark ebony and unblemished white linens….a perfect balance of richness & rusticity. They are fenced by the plush flora…shrubs, tall grass & budding trees.Since we went from a world whose roads teem with honking cars & throngs of rushing people, this hypnotised us into being in an outer world.
While my brother had his head buried in a book and my husband went foraging for photographs, I relaxed at the Oma Spa. Other times, while my brother swam in the resort pool, my husband & me took long walks, hand in hand along paths ornamented by pretty, white lilies. Come dusk, the three of us would all sit by the balcony, and talk, and laugh, and eat….



Our cabin






The Lobby – antique & rustic
The boys lazing...
The boys lazing…

The massages, the green of the wilderness around our cabin, having my brother right next to me…They all made me forget about the tons of packing left to do at home and that we were in fact leaving home. The nerves that were so immensely getting to me were instantly calmed (atleast for those 3 days!) and we made a lifetime’s worth of memories…..

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